Allegria Island

This is Allegria Island, a Mecca of dreams (furre-created maps). Here you can find a variety of dreams, most of which are designed for socializing light role-playing, and games. This map is also a popular place to socialize with others.

The little portals that you see scattered around the map are dreams (furre-created maps). When you walk into one, you will be transported instantly into that dream. You can create your own dream by using the dream editor in the C-Tab.

  1. This building is known as the Main Hall. Located at the center of the island, this is where you are most likely to find others hanging out. The doors to our southwest lead to a crowded street. This is where most of the map's dreams are uploaded.

  2. This is the Camp Site area, another popular hub. The boat takes you to Keywi Isle.

  3. This is the boat to Home Isle, named after the "build-a-home" dreams that are sometimes uploaded here. A "build-a-home" or "BaH" is a popular type of dream that allows you to get a small taste of dreamweaving. Here, you can build dwellings and other structures on a small portion of the map.

  4. This is the North Shore, a desolate stretch of beach.

Now let's head to Imaginarium. Please press the "I" button on your "B" tab. #SA

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