Start: This map is called Hawthorn, but it used to be known as "Haven." It is rated M16+, which means that furres under 16 are not allowed. You may encounter adult language, and the dreams that are uploaded to this map often feature violence.

  1. This building used to be called the "Friendship Hangout," and at its height, it was a bustling place.

  2. This is Furcadia's Roller Coaster. This coaster can be operated manually or automatically. Although the ride is short, the Coaster makes a good landmark if you want to meet someone at a certain time.

  3. This is Wet Paws Corner, where many of the map's dreams are located.

  4. This is the Watering Hole, one of the primary hangout on this map.

  5. This is the Watering Hole Cafe, a quiet place for conversation.

Next, we'll head to the Acropolis. That's the "A" on your "B" tab.

To the Acropolis