This is the Imaginarium, the map for "strict role-play" dreams. Unlike the more casual persona role-play dreams that you find in Allegria Island, these dreams usually have continuities and rules that are strictly enforced. For example, these dreams may not allow characters to have supernatural powers without the approval of the Rah (owner). To learn more about role-playing, see:

  1. This area is aptly named the "Street Corner." This is where you find the highest concentration of furres and dreams.

  2. This is the Bardic Circle, a well-recognized landmark.

  3. The dark-colored building on our left is Key Hall. You can also see the portal to Goldwyn. This is a persona RP map that follows the Dragonlands continuity (Furcadia's official back-story). Although this map is not very busy, there are often a few dreams in Imaginarium that use the same setting. To learn more about the Dragonlands, visit:

  4. This is Heart Hall; I'm sure you can see how it got its name.

  5. This is Eastern Hall.

  6. This remote corner of Imaginarium houses a swimming pool and hot tub.

  7. This is Orange Hall, the largest building in Imaginarium.

Next, let's head to Meovanni Village. Please press the "V" button on your "B" tab. #SA

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