Meovanni Village

Meovanni Village is one the oldest maps. It used to be a busy hub of activity. Today, the map still attracts a small number of regulars. It has many attractive landmarks, which I will show you.

  1. This is the Wisdom Tree, a popular hangout for some furres.

  2. This is Mycroft's bar: a favorite place of many furres who come here to simply enjoy the atmosphere and chat. At one point it was often tightly packed with furres of all sorts.

  3. This is Theatre Meovanni. From time-to-time you can see productions that others put on here. Most of the time you will simply find a couple of groups who use this area as a hangout.

    To open and close the curtains, stand on the dark tiles and press F3.

  4. We are now in Leonardo Park: quiet, relaxing, and peaceful. Many come here to unwind, or sit and chat on the many seats and pillows.

  5. This is the World's Largest Blossom, located on the edge of Leonardo Park. Although beautiful, it serves no other purpose than being a familiar landmark.

  6. This is Jodi's Ostrix & Raptor Stable. The Ostrix is a domesticated, flightless bird used for transportation. Raptors are wild birds that can fly. Raptors are much harder to train due to their wild nature. Tamed Raptors are called Scarhawks, and they are much less common than Ostrixes.

  7. This is Equine Alley. It's basically a dead end but can be used for some light role-playing.

There is so much more for you to discover in and around Meovanni; there really is too much for me to show you now. But, if you have the time come back later and have a wander -- you may be surprised at what you find! #SE

Next, we'll scurry over to Hawthorn. That's your "H" button. #SA

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