Naia Green

Start: This is Naia Green, Furcadia's community center. This is the place to go if you need help with anything Furcadia-related. There are friendly Beekin volunteers everywhere to answer your questions. You can also meet new furres here.

Naia Green is huge, and it can be tricky to find your way around. You can use the F3 key to quickly jump to different parts of the map. There's also a map of Naia Green located at

  1. This is the Welcome Mat. Here you can find Welcomers like me who help newfurres to learn the basics of the game.

  2. This building is the Help Center. This is a good place to come if you ever need help with Furcadia.

  3. This is the area known as the FluFF Pit. It's a place for hanging out with friends or meeting new furres.

  4. Here you can take a ride on a floating flower that will carry you around the map. Stand between these two wooden arrows, and when a flower appears, just hop on. Follow my lead. #SA

  5. This area is known as the cave, a misty and secluded place.

  6. To our right is a small library. You can read the books on the shelves to find links to sites with information about Furcadia.

  7. The Flower Ride ends at the base of Vinca Falls. You can swim in the lake or float in the spinning flowers.

  8. Here is the Coffee House, another popular hang-out.

  9. This is the Tech Support Center, which is staffed by Bugge Hunters (volunteer tech support specialists).

  10. To our right is the most popular hangout in Naia Green.

  11. This area is called the Dreamers' Circle. It is staffed by Masons and Pixels, volunteers who can help you with dreamweaving (building a custom map).

And that concludes our tour of Naia Green. Next, we'll head to Allegria Island. That's the "AI" button on your "B" tab.

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