The Vinca

Start: This is the Vinca. This map contains portals to most of the main maps. Here you can also find the portals to any special events, such as festivals.

As you can see, each portal here has a map name and a small description of each map. We will go into more detail about each area as we tour it.

Pressing F9 or Ctrl-S will bring you here. This is a good map to visit if you get lost.

  1. Through the Vinca is the only way you can get to Zephiroth, an island floating high in the clouds above Furcadia. Only winged furres can fly there, but non-winged furres can visit Zephiroth with the help of a winged furre. Would you like to see it?

    I will fly to Zefiroth and summon you.

    Zefiroth will take a moment to download, so please be patient.

Could you press the "N" button on your B-tab? This will take you to Naia Green, where I will meet you next.

To Naia Green