A fun feature in Furcadia is the ability to give cookies to furres, which show up at the end of their description.

To make a fresh cookie, just type: make-cookie name. A message will then appear saying that you have given a cookie to that person. Keep in mind that you can make only 3 cookies per day.

You can also give someone a cookie by right-clicking his avatar or name.

With the cookies that you are given by others, you can do 3 things:

1. give-cookie name. This gives a cookie that you have received away. It does not deduct from the 3 cookies which you can -make- every day

2. secret-cookie name. This sends a cookie to a furre so that no other surrounding furres know you sent it.

3. eat-cookie. You eat a cookie that has been given to you and receive a fortune from it!

To find out how many more cookies you can make, type info. Typing "info" also lets you find out basic information about your character: When it was created, how long you've been in Furcadia and such. If you have any Digos, info tells you when they expire and when you can transfer them to someone else.

More information on cookies is available at:

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