F1 is the most helpful command. It displays some basic help and also what all the other function keys do. F2 grabs an item. F3 uses an item or takes you to the "F3" points on a map. F4 tells you who else is on the same map as you. F5 scrolls text up. F6 scrolls it down. F8 takes you to the last URL that was posted. F9 warps you to the VINCA. F11 changes the level of animation you will experience.

I would now like to go over some text commands. Although not absolutely necessary, they do make some things a bit easier.

Many of Furcadia's commands use the grave accent (`). This character is sometimes mistaken for the apostrophe ('). The grave accent is usually located above the tab key on the top-left corner of the keyboard, on the same key as the tilde (~).

The `join and `summon commands allow you to teleport to another furre's location or summon a furre to your side, respectively. You can also access these features by right-clicking a furre's name or avatar, clicking the buttons in the Whisper Window, or clicking the buttons on your B tab.

The `lead and `follow commands allow you lead another furre around the map or follow another furre, respectively. The follower will automatically go wherever the leader goes, which is very handy when you want to show someone around. You can also access these features by right-clicking a furre's name or avatar.

If someone is annoying you, you can ignore everything he says or whispers by typing ignore name. You can also access this feature by right-clicking a furre's name or avatar or clicking the button in the Whisper Window.

Should you want to reference a command, visit: This site lists all of the commands.

This is a good site to bookmark. When I was new, I found it helpful to print that page and keep it handy as I learned the commands.

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