To look at a furre, simply click on his avatar or name. You can also type: look name. When you look at a furre, you'll see his name, description (if he chooses to make one), and his portrait. If the furre you clicked is a Beekin who is on-duty, a little green dragon badge appears at the beginning of his description.

As you probably already know, to talk you just type in what you want to say and press enter. To perform actions (or emote), type a colon (:) or a semi-colon (;) and an action. For example :waves. Feel free to try it. #SA

Whispering is akin to an instant message system. It allows you to privately communicate with any other furre, even if he is on a different map. You can also use whispers to leave private messages for furres who are offline.

To whisper someone, right-click his avatar or name and choose "Whisper." This will open the Whisper Window, where you read and send messages. After you have typed your message, press Enter to send it.

You can also open the Whisper Window by typing /name.

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