The 6 Tabs

Now I'm going to go over the 6 tabs in the Furcadia client and the commands housed there.

If you have and questions, or don't understand something fully, don't hesitate to ask me to stop, and I can answer your question for you.

First, locate the A, B, C, D, E, and F tabs housed in the left of the client. Do you see them?

Tab A

The A tab (Move) contains all of your postures (standing, sitting, and lying), the movement arrows, the Grab command (represented by a hand picking up a triangle) and the Use command (the closed fist).

Note: If you attempt to "use" an object with nothing in your hands, you will be sent to a central or starting point on most maps. These "F3" points, which can also be reached by pressing F3, transport you to various landmarks on the main maps. F3 points are therefore very useful for traveling on large maps.

Tab B

The B tab (Go To) contains portals to all the main maps: [V: Meovanni Village]; [I: Imaginarium]; [N: Naia Green]; [C: Challenges]; [A: Acropolis]; [FurN: Furrabian Nights]; [H: Hawthorn]; [AI: Allegria Island]; and [W: the Wylde]. The purple flower in the center takes you to the Vinca, a hub that leads to most of the main maps. Later, I can give you a tour of these maps if you wish.

This tab also contains a few other handy buttons, such as Join, which allows you to join another furre, and Summon, which summons another furre to your location. The Who button lists all of the furres on your map. The Map button opens a web-based map that shows where dreams are uploaded.

Tab C

The C tab (Edit) contains your editors. The Dream Editor, Patch Editor, and Script Editor are used to create your own custom maps. The Edit My Furre button lets you change your species, colors, gender, and description. The AFK Settings button lets you set an AFK description and message. The Edit My Settings button lets you change a variety of program options. The Place Dream button uploads your custom map to the game so that others can visit.

Tab D

The D tab (Digo) contains all of the Mythical avatars. Each Mythical being has its own special power, which you can access by clicking the Magic button in the center. To purchase these extra features, go to:

Tab E

The E tab (Digo) houses buttons for the gendered avatars and Ferian (feral) avatars. The Wings button cycles through all of the wings that you own. (There are five different types.) These features, like the Mythical avatars on the D tab, are sold at the Digo Market.

Tab F

Most of the buttons on the F tab (Misc) allow you to access the Furcadia Web Site and other information. The View Log button opens the log file of your current session. The News button opens the news page; this page tells you about recent sales, events, and updates. The Screen Shot button saves a screen shot of the Furcadia window.

The Speaker and Music Note buttons toggle your sounds and music, respectively.

The Cookie button allows you to purchase extra cookies. (You get some every day for free; I will tell you about cookies in a few minutes.) The Change Portrait button cycles through the custom portraits that you have uploaded.

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