The first thing that I would like to go over is movement in Furcadia. Exploration isn't very fun if you can't walk around! #SD

You may already know how to move, but you might not know how to move "easily." There are actually five different ways to move around within Furcadia. With practice, you can figure out which method you prefer.

The first method is the arrow keys. This is the most popular method. The only drawback to this is that the directions of the arrow keys do not match the orientation of Furcadia. With practice though, this should be no problem.

The second method is the number pad (separate set of keys to the right of the keyboard). Using the 1, 3, 7 & 9 keys to move: this is a nice easy way to get around. Unlike the arrows, the numpad directions match the orientation of Furcadia.

The third method is the Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys. These are basically the same as the number pad, except just in a different place.

The fourth method is the mouse. Just point and click in the direction you wish to travel. In my opinion, this is the easiest way for furres new to the system to move around, although it is slower than other methods.

The last method is the arrows housed in the A-tab to the left of the Furcadia client. Just click on them to move.

If you want to turn in place (without walking), just use the Insert and Delete keys. Delete turns you clockwise, and Insert turns you CCW.

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